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Narrated by: Savannah Peachwood, Stephen Dexter


Bad Alibi

Series: Redemption #1
Release Date: January 13, 2020

You first met the sexy biker, Cannon Banks in Out of the Darkness.
Now travel back to his home town of Redemption, Tennessee to get his story.
It’s going to be a wild ride.

​Having grown up trapped in a gilded cage, the events of one tragic night changed everything.

Farah Highland was raised with more money than most people could ever dream of, but with that wealth and privilege came cold indifference and cruelty. Determined to start living for herself, Farah cut ties with everything and everyone she’d ever known for the chance at starting over in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

Notorious town playboy, Cannon Banks grew up living the good life. He had it all, loving parents, good friends, and a face and body that drove women wild. Love and commitment were the last things on his mind . . . until he locked eyes with a woman across a crowded bar, and everything changed in a heartbeat.

There’s just one problem. Bad Alibi’s newest waitress wants nothing to do with him. But he’s nothing if not determined.

Cannon and Farah are about to enter into a battle of wills.
May the best man . . . or woman, win.

Praise for Bad Alibi

If I’m going to start off my year with a five star read, it seems fitting that it’s from Jessica Prince because she’s never fails to suck me into her worlds. – BookSmacked

Oh my what a story Bad Alibi is. It made me laugh as well as cry. It’s a story that will definitely tug at your heart strings. – Crazy Cajun Book Addicts

If you are looking for an author who can absolutely nail those small-town romances, look no further than Jessica Prince. – Goodreads Reviewer, Kim

Bad Alibi will have you smiling and make your heart smile when you think back to this story! – Crystal’s Book World

I love when a novel grabs you from the very first page and sucks you in until you discover you’re on the very last page. This novel did all of this for me. – Goodreads Reviewer, Shelly

I’m sure I have never uttered these words before THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER WRITTEN BY THIS AUTHOR!!! (I joke, I think I say it with every book I read by her). – Goodreads Reviewer, Maura

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