Charming Fiona

Series: Girl Talk #4
Release Date: March 5, 2018

As I child, I believed in true love and fairytales. I convinced myself that there was one special man out there, made just for me. All I had to do was wait, and one day he would appear. Then I grew up and discovered the ugly truth.

Disney movies were full of crap.

Relationships took work. People made mistakes. And sometimes, you didn’t see what was standing right in front of you until it was too late.

Deacon Lockhart was my best friend. And then I lost him. But now I finally have a chance to make things right, and this time I refuse to screw it up. With every smoldering look and wicked word, he charms the hell out of me… and I’m pretty sure I’ll never get enough.

Praise for Charming Fiona:

Annnnd, she does it again! I’ll say this every review for JP books… She can’t write a bad book! I’ve yet to read one from her. – Read Review Repeat Blog

Sexy, funny, dirty, and just that little bit of angst-oh and don’t forget charming (yes I went there lol). This book had it all – Garden of REden

I DON’T WANT THIS SERIES TO BE OVER! The women of Girl Talk are amazing, strong, supporting, and I feel like I’ve bonded with them – Fun Under the Covers

Ms. Prince writes like a savant to my reader mind. Making us soulmates in a totally non-creepy awesome way. – Two Unruly Girls

Charming Fiona was exactly the book I wanted it be. Sweet, funny, sassy, angsty all rolled into one. Jessica Prince once again makes me fall in love with her characters. – BookSmacked

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