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Narrated by: Charlotte North, Alexander Cendese


Crazy Beautiful

Series: Redemption #2
Release Date: May 11, 2020

Their marriage was nothing more than a business transaction. Or at least that was what they told themselves.

Poppy Weston had been burned enough times by undeserving men to know her heart was best left under lock and key. She was content with her life, even with the lack of romance. Then Jase Hyland walked into Redbud Inn and offered her something she couldn’t refuse. In return, all she had to do was marry him.

Jase had seen firsthand the kind of damage relationships caused, and he wanted nothing to do with it. He’d been taught from a young age that the only things that should matter to a man were wealth and power. However, all it took was a series of events to lead him down a path he never expected to travel.⁣

It was supposed to be simple. No feelings, no emotions, just two friends entering into a mutually beneficial arrangement.⁣

He thought he had it all figured out…until he went and fell for his wife.


Jessica Prince slays the small-town romance trope. If you’re a hardcore small-town romance fan like I am then you won’t want to miss this book, or any other books Jessica has written. ~ Elle’s Book Blog

This is one of the BEST small town series that I’ve ever read and I highly suggest it to everyone!~ Kim

This book had everything I love in a great romance from the fake relationship to the heart pounding twist and turns. Jessica will pull on the heartstrings and make you feel all the feels. ~ Jill M Embrace the Romance Blog

OMG! There’s sooo much affection, romance, looooove, drama, angst and heartbreak in this book! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! ~ Alice

Jessica Prince OWNS small town romance. I implore all of my reader friends to grab one of her books and read it. You will thank me, you will be addicted and like me, you will fall head over heels in love. Every book from Ms. Prince becomes my new favorite of hers and this one now holds that top spot, until next time… ~ Dawn TUG

This book had what I have come to love about Jessica Prince’s books, tear your heart out emotions that hit you in the gut, Alpha men that I adore, strong females that make me giggle, and suspense that kept me hooked! ~ Lacie Romano

Once again, Jessica Prince delivers a fantastic small-town romance with all the feels, great characters, and a dash of trouble.Sunny Shelly Reads

If you like small town romances packed with heart, heat, and all the feels then THIS AUTHOR is definitely for you, any way you can get her. ~ Brianna at Renee Entresse’s Blog

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