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Narrated by: Chris Chambers, Alexandra Shawnee



Series: Civil Corruption #2
Release Date: May 3, 2018

Declan Forrester is arrogant, selfish, and insanely sexy.
He was the very first boy I ever loved.
Then fame and fortune turned him into a man I no longer recognized. I tried to give him everything he needed, and in return…he broke my heart

Now he’s back, and he wants to make things right.
What started as love turned to hate. I told myself I’d
never fall for him again, but he’s determined to
prove me wrong.

He wants to win me.
He wants to own me.
He wants to defile me.

And if I’m not careful…
I just might let him.

Praise for Defile:

Another if-Jessica-Prince-writes-it-I-love-it moment! – Two Unruly Girls

I love this sexy, messy second-chance romance and adore these friends and bandmates in this series. – Mary at USA Today’s HEA Blog

I just finished Defile. I read it in one sitting—not even getting up for a cup of coffee. It was that fantastic. – Bookgasms Book Blog

I went into this book expecting greatness and I got it! – Garden of REden

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