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Narrated by: Vanessa Edwin, Teddy Hamilton


Guilty Pleasure

Series: Redemption #4
Release Date: January 9, 2021

The only thing worse than living in a town where everyone hates you is having to work for the man who broke your heart.

Redemption, Tennessee held nothing but painful memories that Lark Ashton had no desire to rehash. After the only man she’s ever loved crush her soul and spirit, and all her friends turned their backs on her, she swore to herself she’d never go back. But when her aunt calls, asking a favor she can’t possibly refuse, Lark finds herself public enemy number one . . . again.

Clay Morrison has spent seven years trying to convince himself he’s no longer in love with Lark Ashton. But when the woman he thinks betrayed him and his family returns, she brings with her a whole slew of feelings he’s worked hard to ignore. Now he can’t get the bane of his existence out of his head.

She’s in desperate need of a job. He can’t resist the chance to have her at his mercy.

And they’re both about to discover what happens when the most intense passion they’ve ever felt is with a person they hate.


Second chances are my jam, and Jessica nailed it with Guilty Pleasure. An enemies to lovers with all the sizzle! Drop what you’re doing and snag this must-readA.L. Jackson, NYT & USA Today bestselling author

No one tugs at the heartstrings like Jessica Prince. Lark and Clay’s road is bumpy, but oh so satisfying at the end! – Susan Stoker, NYT bestselling author

This book had everything I love in a book and even more. Truly, this was an unputdownable masterpiece. – Goodreads Reviewer

Guilty Pleasure is unequivocally my favorite Redemption Novel and my new favorite Jessica Prince book. A luring blend of intoxicating chemistry, alpha hero, sassy heroine, so many feels. – Book Boyfriend and Husband Makes Three

I loved this with my whole romance reading loving heart. I don’t know what it is about Ms Prince and her ability to completely capture me heart and soul with EVERY DAMN STORY but she does. – Two Unruly Girls

What a great addition to the Redemption series! Lark & Clay have to be my new favorite couple in this series. I was captivated from the first page to the last! – Goodreads Reviewer

Lark and Clay definitely ran me through the wringer with their journey. But in the best way possible. – Goodreads Reviewer

You NEED this book in your life.  I love all of Jessica Prince’s books, but I can without a doubt say this is my favorite!  Clay and Lark were the perfect couple. – Goodreads Reviewer

Sometimes you find a book where you just feel everything that a character is going through. This was what happened with me when I began to read. – Goodreads Reviewer

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