Out of the Darkness

Series: Hope Valley #6
Release Date: November 8, 2019

The light had been snuffed out of Xander Caine’s world a long time ago, leaving him to suffer in darkness. After a tremendous loss, he closed himself off from anyone and everyone, content to live alone in the shadows. Then a woman blew into town with the force of a hurricane and shook everything up.

Sage Winthrop was looking to start over. She didn’t have a plan for what her new life would look like, but when she landed in Hope Valley, she knew it was the place she wanted to call home. Then one chance encounter outside of the best coffee shop in town set her world spinning.

Sage and Xander hated each other on sight. However, when they’re forced to work together, that hate eventually turns into something neither of them expected. Their attraction proves too strong to ignore. But when secrets from Sage’s past are revealed and her life is threatened, Xander has no choice but to let go of his demons and step out of the darkness in order to save the woman he loves.

Praise for Out of the Darkness:

This book is filled with so many emotions, overcoming personal pain and then embracing unconditional love. You will love seeing Xander evolve and Sage shine bright!!! – Goodreads Reviewer

How is it possible that I love this series even more? I’ve said before and I repeat: this is one of my favorite series ever. Every time I hear of a new book, I get giddy and happy like a kid opening Christmas gifts. – Goodreads Reviewer

It’s hard not to sound like a broken record when it comes to books written by Jessica Prince but I can’t help but say every time that Jessica always comes out with a book that I can easily devour in a matter of hours. – BookSmacked

All I can say is wow – Out of the Darkness Jessica Prince’s latest addition to the Hope Valley series is more than I expected from the get-go. – Goodreads Reviewer

If you like big, broody alpha males, sassy heroines, and lots of action, you’ll love this enemies-to-friends-to-lovers novel. I highly recommend it! – Bookish Stacy

I never want this series to end. Every time a new character is introduced, it just keeps getting better and better! – Rotella Reads

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