Stay With Me

Series: Hope Valley #5
Release Date: September 7, 2019

Rory Hightower had a good life. She had a loving family, great friends, and a job she adored, running Hope Valley’s local watering hole, The Tap Room. But there was just one thing missing. Ever since she was a little girl she knew there was one special guy out there just for her. Her dream man. And when Cord walked into her bar, she knew instantly it was him. Which made losing him all the more painful.

Cord Paulson had only ever had one person he could depend on. And that bond ran deep. But when he moved to Hope Valley and met the breathtaking bartender with the bright blue eyes and stunning smile, he felt an instant connection. He wanted Rory from the moment he laid eyes on her. But when his past came back and his loyalties were put to the test, he made the biggest mistake of his life.

Then one night changes everything. After avoiding him for months, Rory has no choice but to lower her guard and let him back in. And Cord plans to use that to his full advantage. He’s determined to repair the damage he caused to her heart and win her back. He may have lost the love of his life once already, but there’s no way he’ll make the same mistake twice.

Praise for Stay With Me:

I don’t know how Jessica is able to do this but she just keeps giving one amazing story after another. I have become addicted to Hope Valley – Fun Under the Covers 

This book was an amazing addition to an already fantastic series.  After each book I keep thinking that one was my favorite and this book is no different.  I enjoyed every second of it and I can’t wait to see if Jessica Prince can top the love I have for this book with the next addition to this series. – Garden of REden

Jessica Prince does it again! I swear, just when I think there is no way she can top the last one, she proves me wrong. This book was the sweetest! I absolutely loved Rory and Cord! – Jennifer, Goodreads Reviewer

I am in aww with the Hope Valley series. Seriously, and I may already have said this in previous reviews in this series, I want to live in this town!!! – Crystal’s Book World

I think Stay with Me is my new favorite Hope Valley story!! Cord and Rory are so perfect for each other. From their friendship, their time apart, clear through to the very end of the epilogue–pure perfection. – Live Through Books Blog

Also in this series:

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