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Narrated by: Samantha Summers and Marcio Catalano


Sweet Spot

Series: Redemption #9
Release Date: November 6, 2023

Who knew four little words and a very public kiss would change so much.

Gage Langdon didn’t do relationships. After having his heart shattered years ago, he made a vow to never go down that road again. But when his past waltzes into his town, demanding his attention, he reacts without thinking and makes a very public display of kissing his best friend. Now Wynn is pretending to be his girlfriend to help him get back at his ex, and the feelings he’d sworn he turned off were starting to spark to life.

After walking in on her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Wynn Klein made herself a promise. Never again. She was done with men. When she walked into that coffee shop one morning to meet her best friend, she never expected Gage would wrap her in his arms and plant a knee-quaking kiss on her in front of the whole town. The request he whispered in her ear after sealed their fate: Just go with it.

When Wynn agreed to be Gage’s fake girlfriend, it was only supposed to be temporary. But thanks to meddlesome friends, an over-eager mother-in-law to be, and a conniving granny, things go so much further than they were intended.

The lines between reality and fiction are starting to blur, and Gage starts to see Wynn in a whole new light.

Now he just has to get her to that sweet spot where friends become lovers without freaking her out and sending her running for the hills.


Though I’m sad the Redemption series has come to an end, Jessica certainly went out with a bang. Wynn and Gage are everything that make this series so great.Live Through Books Blog

Such a bittersweet ending to a wonderful series. Redemption will always hold a sweet spot in my heart as will the wonderful characters.Goodreads Review

What a beautiful way to end this series. A sweet, sexy story that brings friends to fake dating to so much more!Goodreads Review

This is the perfect end to one of my favorite series!! Wynn and Gage are absolutely perfect for each other.Goodreads Review

This is the last of the Redemption series, and I will miss these characters. But this story is a great ending to a wonderful series. Goodreads Review

How can we be leaving Redemption and all these amazing characters behind!? But alas, all good things must come to an end and boy did we go out with a bang!Goodreads Review

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Chapter 1

This class was bullshit.

I dropped the paintbrush I held in my right hand while lifting the wineglass in my left to my lips and sipping deeply as I took a step back to inspect the painting I’d been working on for the last hour. 

I tilted my head from side to side and squinted my eyes. It looked . . . bad. Really bad. Which didn’t make any sense, because I could have sworn I followed the instructor’s directions perfectly. It wasn’t like they were very hard. This class was barely a step up from paint-by-numbers, for crying out loud.

My friend Poppy came up beside me. “How’d you d—oh.” Her smile faded into a frown, her head tipping to the side as she studied the square canvas resting on my easel. “Uh . . .”

“Is it really that bad?”

She patted my arm sympathetically. “It’s the effort that counts.”

I dropped my head backward and scoffed. “Give me a break, Pop. The sign outside advertised this class was for twelve and up.” 

She snorted before curling her lips between her teeth to hide her laughter. “Well, that girl over there looks like she might be in middle school.”

“I saw her,” I deadpanned before gulping the last of my cabernet. “And even her painting is better than mine.”

Humor dripped from her words as she said, “I wasn’t going to say anything . . .”

I shot her a killing look and snatched up the wine bottle, refilling my glass. “I don’t get it,” I complained, glaring at the travesty of a painting like it had personally insulted me. “First I totally butchered that fruit bowl I was trying to make at Wine and Wheel a month ago.” 

“Is that what that was supposed to have been?”

I shot Poppy a flat look. “Then I couldn’t even make a simple scarf at that Sip and Knit night we did the other week.” I waved my hand at my painting as I took another drink of wine. “Now this. It’s like I don’t have a single artistic bone in my body.”

She let out a fake thoughtful hum, but there was no missing the sarcasm that coated her tone. “Maybe if you tried making something without the wine, you’d have better luck.”

I snorted into my wineglass and took another sip. “No thanks. God, talk about boring as hell.”

A throat cleared and we turned to find the instructor standing behind us, a sour expression on her face.

“Not this,” I quickly back-peddled. “This class is a blast. Totally better than all those others. Five stars all around. My review on Yelp is going to say just that, mark my words.” I lifted my glass in cheers with an awkward laugh as she rolled her eyes and walked off. I looked back at Poppy and pulled my mouth into a wince. “Think I managed to play that off?” 

Poppy shook her head on a huff of laughter. “God, I love you. You’re such a disaster.”

My face crinkled in an offended glower. “Your tone said that was a compliment, but your words cut deep.”

She snorted and threw her arm around my shoulder, pulling me in for a sideways hug. “It’s all love, sweetie. You’re a lovable disaster. It’s part of what makes you you.”

A bewildered laugh bubbled up from my throat. “You can’t be serious. What makes me me is the fact I’m a freaking mess?”

She bopped me on the tip of my nose. “A lovable mess. Don’t forget that part; it’s the most important.” She gave me a small jostle. “Can we get out of here now? Jase just texted that he’s eager for me to get home. If you know what I mean,” she tacked on at the end with a lascivious waggle of her brows.

My features pinched with disgust. “Oh, blech, I don’t need to hear that!” I shook my head, trying to clear away the disgusting image she’d left behind. 

Jase Hyland, Poppy’s husband, also happened to be my boss. However, we’d known each other for so long that most of the time he felt more like a pain-in-the-ass older brother I got immense joy from tormenting rather than the dude who signed my paychecks. 

He first met Poppy through his sister, Farah, when he’d come to visit. She’d been the first of them to pack up and trade Connecticut in for Redemption, and it didn’t take long for him to decide to make the move to be closer to her. After all, she was the only family he was willing to claim, and vice versa. I followed after him when he offered me a raise that was impossible to turn down, and in doing so, had become fast friends with Poppy and Farah both. 

What had started as a fake engagement between Jase and Poppy in order to prove to the board of his family’s company that he was serious enough to be put in control of a multibillion-dollar legacy had turned very real in no time. Now the two were married and nauseatingly in love. 

I’d been in Tennessee for three years now. I’d built a life and made friends with people who were more like family, and in that short time, I had a front row seat as every single one of them settled down with the loves of their lives.

It didn’t used to faze me to see them all together, but that was because I’d fooled myself into thinking I’d been in a healthy, loving relationship of my own. I was one of them, just counting the days to my own happily ever after. Then I discovered my boyfriend of six years hadn’t been missing me the way I had been missing him, and instead of preparing to move to Tennessee to be with me, like he’d promised, he was screwing the woman who lived in the apartment across the hall. 

Walking in on the man you thought was the love of your life balls deep in another woman was enough to jade even the most romantic of hearts, and I wasn’t any exception. After that, I told myself I was done with relationships. That had been four months ago, and I was still holding firm to that vow. But it still stung to watch everyone around me so blissfully in love. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy for them, of course. They were my friends and I loved them like crazy. But I was only human, and the fact they were all settling down shined a big, bright spotlight on the fact that I was officially the last woman standing in our friend group. 

The last holdout.

The sad, lonely spinster chick.

I might as well have bought a dozen cats and started hoarding ketchup packets and old newspapers to really lean into the shut-in stereotype.

My cell pinged, pulling me from my miserable thoughts. I pulled it from my back pocket and swiped my thumb across the screen, smiling at the message from my friend Gage.

Viking: You finished with latest arts and crafts project yet? I’m starving.

I breathed out a laugh and gave my head a tiny shake as my thumbs flew across the screen.

Me: What a shocker. You’re always starving.

Viking: You know me so well, Bits. Now move your ass.

I let out a snort as I typed out my response. 

Me: Bossy.

Viking: Hungry. There’s a difference. You know how I get.

Oh, I knew all right. I could just picture his face as he typed that. If there was one thing that made Gage Langdon grouchy, it was hunger. I imagined his pronounced brows pulling together and the way his lips always turned down when he pouted. 

I let out snort as I wrote back.

Me: Fine. I’m leaving in a few. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

“Let me guess. Gage?”

I blinked and looked up, having momentarily forgotten Poppy was standing right next to me. “Huh?”

She tipped her head toward my phone with a wry grin and lifted brows. “Texting you. It’s Gage, isn’t it?” 

“Oh, yeah. He’s just bitching about dinner is all.”

“I knew it,” she hissed. She squinted and circled her finger in front of my face. “You get this little smile on your face every time—” 

I shook her arm off and dropped my head back on a dramatic groan. “God, not this again.” My friends had an annoying habit of teasing me about my friendship with Gage. “I’ve told you guys a million times, Gage and I are just friends. Besides, you know I’m never—”

Poppy interrupted me by blowing out a loud, obnoxious raspberry. “Yeah, yeah. You’re never dating another man as long as you live,” she said, adopting a sarcastic, mocking tone before switching back to her normal voice. “So you’ve said a million times.”

Just like Poppy and Farah, Gage was one of the people I’d grown closest to since my move to Redemption. He’d been new to town as well, having moved here to start a security company with his two Army buddies, Jensen Rose and Laeth Harker. 

Jensen was married to my friend Shane, and Laeth was with my girl Deva, making it so Gage and I were the last two single people in our close circle. For all of my girlfriends, that obviously meant we were destined to be together. 

“Maybe I’ll get lucky with one million and one, and you guys will get off my back.” I crossed my fingers teasingly. 

She gave me an exaggerated pout. “You two would just be so cute together,” she whined. 

“Well, of course we would,” I joked. “I’m adorable as hell. I’d look good with anyone.”

“You know what I mean,” she huffed. 

“I do, but like I said, it’s not like that. He’s one of my best friends, just like you.” I arched a brow and changed the subject. “Now, didn’t you say Jase was waiting for you? You should probably get home to your man.”

Poppy held up her hands in surrender. “All right, I’ll drop it. But when the day finally comes, I’m going to be the first person to tell you I told you so.”

Not that the day would ever come, but I was pretty sure she’d have to fight off the rest of our friends for that coveted first spot in line. They were all anxiously waiting. It wouldn’t have surprised me if they had a bet going on what day Gage and I finally caved and ripped each other’s clothes off. I’d gotten so tired of trying to convince them it was never going to happen, that most of the time I acted like I didn’t hear a word they were saying. It was easier that way.

We said our goodbyes and I headed out, shooting a text to Gage to let him know I was on the way when my stomach let out a growl. I laughed as I pushed the button to unlock my car and slid in behind the wheel. Looked like Gage wasn’t the only one who was starving after all.

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