Sweet Spot

Series: Redemption #9
Release Date: October 16, 2023

Who knew four little words and a very public kiss would change so much.

Gage Langdon didnโ€™t do relationships. After having his heart shattered years ago, he made a vow to never go down that road again. But when his past waltzes into his town, demanding his attention, he reacts without thinking and makes a very public display of kissing his best friend. Now Wynn is pretending to be his girlfriend to help him get back at his ex, and the feelings heโ€™d sworn he turned off were starting to spark to life.

After walking in on her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Wynn Klein made herself a promise. Never again. She was done with men. When she walked into that coffee shop one morning to meet her best friend, she never expected Gage would wrap her in his arms and plant a knee-quaking kiss on her in front of the whole town. The request he whispered in her ear after sealed their fate: Just go with it.

When Wynn agreed to be Gageโ€™s fake girlfriend, it was only supposed to be temporary. But thanks to meddlesome friends, an over-eager mother-in-law to be, and a conniving granny, things go so much further than they were intended.

The lines between reality and fiction are starting to blur, and Gage starts to see Wynn in a whole new light.

Now he just has to get her to that sweet spot where friends become lovers without freaking her out and sending her running for the hills.

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