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Sweet Sunshine

Series: Pembrooke #1
Release Date: May 28, 2016

She’s a romantic at heart.

Chloe Delaney had three very specific wishes, growing up. She wished to stay settled in the small mountain town of Pembrooke, where she grew up, to one day be her own boss, and to fall in love with a man who would be willing to go to the ends of the earth for her. With her roots firmly planted in Pembrooke’s soil and her bakery, Sinful Sweets, thriving, two of her wishes have already come true. When a handsome single father moves to town, she’s certain she’s found the man to fill the role of wish number three. The only problem is, you can’t force a frog to turn into a prince.

He isn’t the Prince Charming type.

When Derrick Anderson moved from Jackson Hole to the small town of Pembrooke, he did it determined to wipe the slate clean. After eight years spent trapped in a miserable marriage, he’s made a vow to never take the plunge again. He wants to be untethered, not tangled up in the strings that come with a committed relationship. He has his daughter, his career, and an ex-wife hell bent on making his life unbearable. His plate is already full. The only problem is, he didn’t have a plan in place to protect his heart from her.

Neither of them were prepared for the course their lives would take. But once a rollercoaster begins to move, you can’t just climb off, now can you?

The only thing they can do is strap in, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride.

Praise for Sweet Sunshine

This book was like romance novel perfection. The kind of book that wraps you up in its story immediately, keeps the butterflies coming, and ends before you’re ready to let go. It’s smartly written, sometimes funny, and…ugh it did things to my heart. Wonderful, swoony, feely things. – Give Me Books

Laugh out loud funny, quirky, and completely original. I can’t get enough of these characters. – #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Rachel Van Dyken

Everything Prince writes just keeps getting better and better, and this is no exception. Sweet Sunshine will have you laughing out our one minute and fanning yourself the next. I loved every single word. – USA Today Bestselling Author, Erin Noelle

Every time I read a Jessica Prince book, it always becomes my new favorite from her. Sweet Sunshine was no different. I loved everything about Chloe and Derrick’s story. It was sweet, funny and hot – all the things I want in a romance, with such a great writing style that I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to get the whole story. – USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara Sivec

There is so much I have to say about Jessica but the main thing is: This girl knows exactly what she is doing. Her books are a guaranteed pick me up. You get sucked into her world and you don’t even know that it’s happening. – Sheila’s Book Corner

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