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Narrated by: Aiden Snow and Amy Hall


Turn of the Tides

Series: Whitecap #3
Release Date: February 5, 2024

When Beau Wade left his small hometown of Whitecap, Oregon, he swore to himself he’d never go back. But when his NFL career goes up in smoke, that’s exactly what he finds himself doing.

Not much has changed in the ten years he’s been gone. Gossip still spreads through town like wildfire, Dropped Anchor is still the local’s favorite bar, and the woman he’s been secretly in love with most of his life still hates his guts.

Presley Fields is even more beautiful than he remembered. Her smile has the power to light up a room and that bubbly personality of hers is still as strong as ever. For everyone but Beau, anyway, and that’s the least he deserves for making her high school years a nightmare.

He isn’t the same stupid kid he was back then, and after watching her slip through his fingers too many times, the tides have finally turned in his favor. It’ll take a miracle, and every ounce of charm he has, but he’s determined to win her heart. And this time, he intends to keep it.


This book hooked me from page one and I didn’t stop reading until I was finished.Read with Rach

I was completely hooked and could not put this book down, ok that happens with this author most of the time but this is my current favorite. Goodreads Review

Presley and Beau were so explosive, sooo good, I could not put it down!!!Goodreads Review

If ever there was a book to personify what a second chance romance should look like, THIS IS IT! WOW! – Goodreads Review

Turn of the Tides was *chef’s kiss* – perfection! Enemies to lovers is my absolute favorite trope and Jessica Prince delivers Every. Single. Time. – Goodreads Review

It’s official; JP holds part of my soul with these books! Goodreads Review

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