When You Least Expect It

Series: Hope Valley #11
Release Date: January 31, 2022

The last thing Stella Ryan had time for was a man. With her family in trouble and looking to her to fix everything, romance and commitment were the furthest things from her mind. Until she ran into a man with a jawline that could cut granite and arms she wanted to lick like an ice cream cone. A man who made her forget the things that really mattered.

West Scott was one of the last bachelors standing. With all his Alpha Omega brothers settling down and popping out a bunch of kids, he had become the target for meddling women looking to fix him up. But there was one woman, in particular, he couldn’t get out of his head. The one in the killer dress with a gift for picking pockets.

When fate puts Stella in his path again, he’s determined to get to the cause of her desperation and help solve all her problems. If only the headstrong, stubborn woman would let him in. She’s trying her hardest to keep her walls up, but he’s dead set on showing her that the best things happen when you least expect it.


It’s amazing the ability this author has of bringing romance, suspense, action and fun all in the same book. I swooned, I laughed, I was wary and afraid, and most of all I loved this book. – Goodreads Review

I am just wowed by this book. I am in awe of Jessica Prince and how she writes such great, well developed characters that make you feel like they are right there with you. – Goodreads Review

Excellent story!! I didn’t even know I needed Stella & West, but I so did! They were the perfect read for me after a busy week! – Goodreads Review

I am convinced that Jessica can’t write a bad book. I adored West and Stella. – Goodreads Review

The Welcome back to Hope Valley was sure worth the wait. This story had everything we have come to love from this series. – Goodreads Review

Jessica Prince is back with the next book in the sexy, swoony, all in your feels Hope Valley series and y’all, this small town has become one of my absolute favorites to visit every few months. – Renee Entress’s Blog

Okay here’s the deal, if Jessica Prince did a rewrite of the Webster dictionary, I’d happily one click and read it. Luckily, she would never do that to us…instead, she tries to outdo herself with every book and this was no exception! – Goodreads Review

I could live in Jessica Prince’s stories. I love them so… – Two Unruly Girls

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